SME license Opportunity

Making Millionaires License


Engagement Contract

You are trained to help other people make more money. Now let us coach you to make more money, in less time, for yourself.

Business Case

There are big opportunities in South Africa for project management style consultancies. Business highlights would include:

  • Inter-dependence between our firms
  • Focus on the Small to Medium Enterprise ("SME") market
  • Offering (legal) STRUCTURAL & STRATEGIC solutions
  • Fee & commission based
  • Focus on "meals & deals" in a 80/20 ratio
  • Marketing done through a business introducer network
  • Strategic alliance to the Curator Group


Adv Jan Grobler (BComm.LLB.MBA.CFP), owner and CEO of the CURATOR GROUP, has 20 years experience of providing management consulting services to the SME business sector. Under Jan's leadership the CURATOR GROUP has grown to a network of over 100 professionals sharing our passion to help entrepreneurs SURVIVE & THRIVE in their own business. Many of us aim for and reach an annual STRETCH TARGET OF R1 MILLION+ in turnover.

What we do

  • Package One: We help you create, manage and grow your own SME Consultancy that focuses on your strengths and we make sure it is financially viable and enjoyable, or
  • Package Two: We help you to acquire or create, manage and grow another kind of small business for yourself and we make sure it is financially viable and enjoyable.

    Now it is the intention to help you to become a HIGH-INCOME CONSULTANT, using the tried & tested formula's used by the CURATOR GROUP. This "virtual" consultancy wouldn't be a franchise, but a fully independent operation, under the management and ownership of yourself.

Our VISION is to provide creative and cost-effective solutions to SME's.

Our MISSION is to coach independent consultants to realise their dreams and to aim for and make a STRETCH TARGET OF R1 MILLION+ in turnover per year.

We've been there and know most of the ways how NOT to make money in this fickle industry. Let us accelerate your path to profitability. The learning curve on your own is long & expensive!